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Every woman deserves to feel confident. That’s why we create chic luxe pieces, that make you look good and feel better. Anywhere. COCOCH ACTIVEWEAR fuses fashion and function to create the ultimate innovative activewear for everyone.


If you spot our statement pieces at the gym, in the street, or at the club, you’ll know immediately. Our collections sport unique and elevated prints, and are crafted from the highest quality, luxury performance fabrics, which give them that ultimate fit and silky soft feeling. Our pieces provide all over compression and support, without sacrificing style and comfort.


We hold ourselves to the highest industry standard. Each garment is manufactured in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and lovingly designed in-house.


At COCOCH ACTIVEWEAR, you will find a great diversity of fabrics in pieces with high durability, elasticity, and technology. Because you shall shine. At any moment.




Hi, my name’s Coco. I am half Swiss, half Brazilian, half mountains, half beach, half cold and half hot, or simply put: I'm that Girl from Ipanema. I am a creative director, a marketer, a fashion addict, and an absolute sucker for all things aesthetic. Especially clothing, as you might have guessed by now.


In 2020, I embarked on a journey to transform myself, my life, my energy and my mind through fitness. Starting off, the first thing I went looking for, was, of course, the ideal sportswear. But I wouldn't find it, no matter how many stores I checked, how many pieces I ordered online. So eventually, being the fashion expert that I am, I decided to just, you know, do it myself. I set out to create my own, personal ideal activewear that’s not only suitable for professional fitness training, but also fashionable and good-looking, with just the right amount of spice. And here we are.



What I didn’t expect was my friends asking for pre-orders of my bespoke and unique pieces. And since I love to create, to imagine and to think bigger, it wasn’t long until a vision formed in my head. A vision to share my concepts for professional and fashionable activewear with as many wonderful women as possible. Thus, COCOCH ACTIVEWEAR was born!


In 2021, COCOCH was officially founded. We’re a professional brand for women's sports-, fitness- and streetwear. With innovation driving everything we do, COCOCH is committed to creating professional and fashionable high-quality activewear. We want our pieces to infallibly meet your needs while at the gym, doing yoga, on a run or doing any other sports that frees your mind. And we want our pieces to make you look stunning, even if you’re doing as little as stepping outside your home for that delicious coffee across the street.


I am very proud of where we are headed. COCOCH is balance and passion. It is high quality and state of the art production. It is the symbiosis of technology and creativity that drives us. It is our fabrics partners in Brazil, leaders in their market, and their outstanding credentials in the world of fitness and beachwear.


However, what I am most proud of, is the appreciation of the wonderful people involved throughout the entire journey of every single COCOCH product. Because it is them who make it something truly special.